Friday, August 14, 2009

Sweat; curse or blessing?

When God created man in the garden of Eden life seemed bouyant but when man fell into sin all his world crumbled like a pack of card. He was cursed by the Almighty 'in ur SWEAT will you eat and drink' and it was like man has been senteced to hell and ever since, man has seen himself as creature under torture up till the moment. The pronouncement has made men to suffer in labour and labour to suffer. But do you know there is DIGNITY in labour?! If you labour you will never be debarred! You sweating is no longer a curse but a promise that says 'work to eat' or 'sweat to be sweetened'. Without a sweat there will never be a sweet. Any sweet gotten out of the street is a junk. God has made it so,it has been predestined it was preordained that we have to work to earn a living. Adam has been working before he was cursed this made him to toil and suffer all the day long but it takes a manly sweat to make a godly gain. Ruminate over this any sweat that is devilish would be destructive. Think wide,look deep inside there is something in the inside of you, it was with you from birth sweat over it, work with it and you will be walking among the kings. If Adam had failed there would have never been the continuity of the planeth, he tilled and tilled he discovered fruits,foods,brick,fire,clothes and whatsoever if you sit and sleep your destiny would be tied and so be limited but wake up in the night forget about your background and environment there is something you need to SWEAT about so that your life can be SWEETENED.

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