Friday, August 14, 2009


Creativity-an act of art-is the spice of life. Our creator is a creative God, He created something out of nothing,he established the earth on waters,the creatures were made in twos for procreation, he sometimes make the weakling a king and the strong a slave, he made men to be of different skins and languages, he made some creatures to inhibit water while some are terrestrial and some fly in the sky. Look at the sky it is always take a form of abstract image an artistic work, sometimes it looke like a lion, sometimes like the face of man and sometimes it is casted away like a moving ocean. Men are expression of his creativity; some are giant,midget,dwarf,fat,slim,blonde,brunett,albino,imbecile,swift,slow,authist,moron,wise,wicked,strong,great,rich,poor and all of that so if you want to be a creator in this world you just have to be creative. Look inward God has deposit a portion of his creativity in you just tap into it and make it work for you in your business,academics,life,family. What others tagged the impossible make it possible, what people named difficult make it simple,what others refer to as herculean make it easy,what people call mistake make it a style,make burden light. You can do it. God said you are god that means you can create by being creative in all your endeavors. Think deep,fanthom how you can make things happen,design a means through which you can be reached, make people happy, you are not here in vain, you are not a waste. You can do it. Turn your weakness into strength,your knowledge into power, this will make people come looking for you. Creativity brings reality, make it real

Sweat; curse or blessing?

When God created man in the garden of Eden life seemed bouyant but when man fell into sin all his world crumbled like a pack of card. He was cursed by the Almighty 'in ur SWEAT will you eat and drink' and it was like man has been senteced to hell and ever since, man has seen himself as creature under torture up till the moment. The pronouncement has made men to suffer in labour and labour to suffer. But do you know there is DIGNITY in labour?!